Ac motor lecture notes pdf

Ac induction motors are also the most common motors used in main powered home appliances. Dc motor principle a machine that converts dc power into mechanical energy is known as dc motor. Lecture notes institute of aeronautical engineering. Umanand, principal research scientist, power electronics group, cedt, iisc bangalore for more detail. Ac induction motors are also the most common motors used in main. Its operation is based on the principle that when a current carrying conductor is placed in a. The threephase induction motor is the extensively used for various kinds of industrial drives. Advantages of 3 phase induction motor generally easy to build and cheaper than corresponding dc or synchronous motors induction motor is robust. Applications of threephase induction motors of size varying from half a kilowatt to. This conversion is usually obtained through the generation of a magnetic field by means of a current flowing into one or more coils.

Lecture notes electrical machine ii bee 1401 page 1. Types of electric motors electric motors dc motors other motors h ac motors s unt motor separately excited induction motor stepper motor motor brushlessdc motor series motor hysteresis motor permanent magnet dc pmdc synchronous motor reluctance motor compounded motor universal motor. Lecture series on basic electrical technology by prof. An ac motor of this type may be part of a pump or fan or. Xux, of course, and in a permanent magnet this is usually pictured in terms of atomiclevel. Syllabus of bachelor of technology in electrical engineering 4th semester electrical machinesii. This section gives a very brief introduction to the most prevalent electrical actuators. Dc motors although ac motors are used in most of the cases, dc motors have many applications and used for multipurpose applications. The disadvantage of this type of rotor is that the motor behavior cannot be altered by connecting anything to the rotor there are no rotor terminals. The most common type of ac motor being used throughout the work today is the induction. The induction machine behaves like a transformer, transferring electrical energy from. The basic idea of an electric motor is to generate two magnetic fields. Mechanical energy what is an electric motor an electric motor is a device converting electrical energy into mechanical energy usually a torque. Unit 16 electric motors washington state university.

Cross section of squirrel cage rotor bars nema class a,b,c,d. Ac motors ac motors are used worldwide in many applications to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. As it will be shown later, alternators operate with both alternating ac and. But, in the entire history of the course, no one has ever been able to detect one. Term may also refer to the winding that is on the rotor. Unit 16 electric motors objectives after studying this unit, the student will be able to state the purpose of an electric motor.

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