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The venus symphonic womens choir is a powerful, flexible and exquisitelyrecorded 33voice female choral library for professional scoring and arrangement. Enjoy straight forward word creation powered by our unique libretto engine, have your choir sing what you want with limitless possibilities. East west symphonic choirs complete torrentproject. East west symphonic choir phrase with word builder youtube. It is a very nice library if you want something epic, evil or dramatic. More important component is wordbuilder, which allows you to fill the text. The recordings are of quality and use world builder allows to insert things plutt nice. Downloads and additional information can be found below, or at our product updates page. Voices of prague word building virtual choir virharmonic. I dont own it but my sights are set on 8dios requiem choir as my working choir library. Eastwest symphonic choirs platinum plus thomann united. But i can see how the two combined for a big choir sound with a word builder might be more idea for epic pieces. When the multi is loaded, click on the player button to exit the browser, and then click on the word builder button.

Wordbuilder, now built into eastwests play software, is the word building software that enables symphonic choirs and symphonic choirs expansion users to type in words for the choirs to sing. Ewql symphonic choirs wordbuilder update available ni. Question about ewql symphonic choir word builder gearslutz. When i open wordbuilder it asks me for the midi ins and outs and channels. How do i use choirs and wordbuilder with finale 2006 on a. These playable libraries are beyond words in the tools it provides composers. Massive marcato builder system explore our fully customizable basic wordbuilder system with hundreds of possible sustaining word combinations. Finally figured out how to buildplay words and phrases using the east west word builder application. Soundiron olympus symphonic choir for kontakt vst, au, aax. The port should be 2, but the channel should stay at 1. After doing that wordbuilder wasnt working when i loaded multi wb choruses which is when i posted the problem to this forum.

I used east west symphonic choirs the one with the wordbuilder, check it out at 5. Intaaudio supply pro audio music pc systems and specialist computer music solutions to home studios and professional. Using eastwests wordbuilder with symphonic choirs in reaper. Kompakt symphonic orchestra is pleyrom samples, standard clone of native instruments kompakt. It seemed to have the nicest sound and unlike other wordbuilders where theres just a matrix of phrases for you to choose, ewql choirs allows you to type down whatever you want the choirs to say. Eastwest has released an update for its symphonic choirs wordbuilder software. Question about ewql symphonic choir word builder i was able to get the words to be sung, and other than the odd, and very annoying fact that the sung note pitches dont match the notes im actually playing, i can just play a halfstep lower and everything is in the right key, the words are sung, hallelujah i made it say that, so freaking cool. Now east west has released an update for its wordbuilder software, which is included with the choir package. Virtual choir download offers choir voices in the registers soprano, alto, tenor and bass as well as boys choir, contains a selection of the best samples from voices of the apocalypse for massive choir movements and huge fortissimo passages. Im thinking about getting the eastwest symphonic choir plugin but ive been disappointed by eastwest a lot in the past and their player sucks, whoevers doing the recording for their samples should look for another job before eastwest tests its own products to find all the noise and instrument collisions, but the choirs seem pretty good looking at videos, so i dont know. Eastwest symphonic choirs part 1 of 8 word builder interface. Depending on the level of ability to read music and personal preferences, people have different needs for efficient learning, and a midi.

Halion symphonic orchestra will recognize the light bank as soon as youve reassigned the location by using the locate content function in the options. Ok for starters in word builder, go to voice properties and set out ch to 1 which is default. If sc is exclusively big sounding, i may hve to look elsewhere. Eastwest symphonic choirs platinum thomann united states. Recorded in a real concert hall the software initially had two styles of producing a. The program is a powerful, easy to use and flexible tool that enables microsoft word to be powerful reporting generator. It includes pure vowels, classic latin and slavonic orthodox russian content, as well as a large collection of choral effects shouts, sweeps, clusters, drones, whispers and more. This is a quick demo and tutorial of east wests symphonic choirs librarys word builder. Editing wordbuilder text symphonic choirs the sound. Find out about all the new exciting features unique to hollywood choirs, how to get the best results out of the new wordbuilder plugin, and stay tuned for a major new product announcement near the. Today i am going to give away my free torrent for east west symphonic choirs download. Virtual choir download offers choral voices in soprano, alto, tenor, bass as well as boy choir, integrated wordbuilder for creating vocals with the articulations. Information about the torrent east west symphonic choirs complete. Fl studio symphonic choirs and wordbuilder youtube.

Upgrade to play 6 and wordbuilder in symphonic choirs is. If you want to download the torrent east west symphonic choirs complete you will need a torrent client torrent metasearch. The trick here is that wordbuilder actually sends six separate midi channels to make the voices sing words. It needs a bit of programming but i am pretty happy with the results i can get. Ive used requiem light myself a bit, more recently now. Symphonic choirs is a vocal synthesizer and vocal library software. Ew wordbuilder gone awol sort of solved cakewalk forums. Ewql symphonic choirs, wordbuilder and fl troubles solution is here hi, for the ones concerned about getting wordbuilder working into fl studio without having to wire any other standalone plug in or mfxshell, or worse, for those running the 64bit and whos mfxshell doesn t support the wordbuilderx64, a solution seems to come around.

This text and sings the chorus instead of the usual aahahahahah. Hollywood choirs also includes 781 editable prebuilt wordbuilder phrases in english, german, italian, spanish and latin that are exclusive to this product. The only place i can seem to find a download is at a site that has some weird download format i cant make work. I think word builder could be still improved in terms of interface but in my experience sc with word builder is a very versatile choir. Ave maria by tgv on soundcloud hear the worlds sounds own composition, vop. Sounds online ew ql symphonic choirs word builder 1. As i can load it from the browser i am to too worried. A chorus of 63 professional singers from volti, the sf symphony chorus and the sf choral society. Sibelius sings with ewql symphonic choirs scoring notes. I advise the good samples of the type spectrasonics choruses, its easier to use and not crash the computer. Midimix is an app designed to help choir members learn their parts midimix is an app designed to help choir members learn their parts, given a midi file that has all the parts in it for a given piece. Ewql symphonic choirs, wordbuilder and fl troubles.

Symphonic choirs was the eastwest vst i wanted the most. Symphonic choir, free symphonic choir software downloads. Has vowel builder, and different play styles, legato, staccato, marcatto, chants, sweeps, etc. Next, clear the notes out of the symphonic choirs channel as they wont do anything and may confuse the issue. This video shows what a beginner me can do with just live playing and minimal midi editing. This is a russian style choir i made for a wwii game. Eastwest symphonic choirs part 1 of 8 word builder. Wordbuilder allows the composer to type in any word or phrase and have it sung by the choir. Working, saving and recalling text programming with wordbuilder in sibelius. Extensive details about the different samples can be found in the the symphonic choirs users manual. He explains how and why he uses these libraries in the context of his own compositions. The word builder that comes with it is nice but i never managed to make it work myself, haha. But i cant seem to get the word builder to work with it.

Sustained, legato, staccato and slur, additional vowel patches with voice effects. In short, if you do need just some padlike aahs, oohs or mmms, then symphonic choirs is more than up to the task. Instead of using the installation manager i have the 7 item cloud licence i downloaded and installed 4. Ave verum by tgv on soundcloud hear the worlds sounds own composition, ewqlsc. In addition to ew no longer having it posted for download, ni understandably makes no comment about it since its not their software. Word builder choir software free download word builder. Eastwest has released a significant upgrade of its play software that includes the long awaited symphonic choirs wordbuilder inside play upgrade eastwestquantum leaps symphonic choirs enables words to be entered into wordbuilder for the choirs to sing, and play 2. East west symphonic choirs download free updated youtube. Symphonic choirs, while cheap and having an extensive word builder, is now very outdated and quite clunkysounding unless you put a lot of work into crafting the sound. While the potential star of the symphonic choirs show is the combination of word builder and the section multis, the various instrument programs are also worthy of comment.

Imagine typing words into your computer, in any language, and hearing a world class symphonic choir sing those words in any key s you play live on your keyboard controller. Seeders, leechers and torrent status is updated several times per day. Saw this on sweetwaters site about symphonic choirs. Symphonic choir software free download symphonic choir. The symphonic choirs expansion voices of the apocalypse content was recorded separately, at 24bit resolution with a single mic position. Hollywood choirs also includes wordbuilder 2 see new features below. Put off installing it for a week and a half out of fear. It was a big download file, and i didnt want to use up my broadband data and i thought i would just direct play to my folder containing the symphonic choirs instrument samples. Eastwest quantum symphonic choirs gold serial download. Editing wordbuilder text symphonic choirs article applies to. Even when i use these programs on standalone i cant get them to work with each other. It was 45 years ago and i havent had to use any choir plugin since then. Symphonic choirs is a 24bit vocal synthesizer designed to imitate an entire vocal choir, the content was created by producers doug rogers and nick phoenix with recording engineer keith o. But i guess now that im seeing this thread ill have to reconsider.

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